Bear Spirit – Soongatiziwin: Courage
It takes courage to face problems with integrity and a fearless heart. The Bear Spirit teaches us that we must be brave to do the right thing.

Service Delivery Unit

The Service Delivery Units are comprised of:

Community Office

  • 2 Direct Service Supervisors
  • 12 Direct Service Workers (this includes intake services)
  • 1 Case Aide
  • 1 Child Abuse Investigator
  • 1 Abuse Unit Administrative Assistant
  • 2 Administrative Assistants

Winnipeg Office

  • 3 Direct Service Supervisors
  • 19 Direct Service Workers
  • 3 Case Aides

Administrative Assistant

  • 1 CFSIS Clerk

Remember that your children are not your own but are lent to you by the creator.” Mohawk Proverb

Sagkeeng Child and Family Services strives to empower and preserve the family unit using a collaborative approach between the biological parents and the agency.

Service Delivery staff in each office location also carry both Provincial and Federal cases where members are residing both on and off reserve.

Service Delivery entails working directly with families, children, youth, kinship connections and collateral supports.

Throughout the year the Direct Service Workers are involved in professional development, community engagements, agency activities including but not limited to:


  • Child in Care Christmas Party
  • Back to School BBQ
  • Treaty Day Events
  • Community Family Activity Weekend
  • Graduations
  • Professional Development Training
  • Culturally Awareness Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Structured Decision Making Training (SDM)

Each and every open family service file requires a written case plan.

Every child in care file, regardless of the child’s legal status, requires a Child in Care Plan.

Further, specialized plans may be required in some circumstances. i.e.:

• Preparing Youth for Leaving Care,
• Agreements with Young Adults,
• Absent and Missing Children,
• Voluntary Family Services

All assessments (family services, child in care) are driven by the Structured Decision Making (SDM) tool which is an assessment on each family member and any other adults in the household. This entails a family narrative, a probability of future harm, caregiver and child strengths and needs, case plan and a safety assessment.

    Temporary Care/Reunification Services

    Temporary Care and Reunification Services works closely with families to promote and support a safe and healthy reunification plan for children and families.

    Permanent Ward/Transitional Planning

    When children are permanent wards the agency works closely with children and youth to provide a long term stable environment, which includes a cultural and family plan, a transitional plan and independent living skills. Our goal is to provide children and youth with the tools they need to become happy, healthy adults.

    Intake and After Hours/On Call

    Our intake services are streamlined to ensure children and families quickly connect with the right services with specifically trained workers.

    After Hours services are available to families in immediate need.

    During work hours
    On Sagkeeng Reserve – Toll Free 1-877-367-4020
    In Winnipeg – 1-888-761-5897

    After hours
    On Sagkeeg Reserve – Toll Free 1-877-367-4020
    In Winnipeg – ANCR – 1-888-945-ANCR (2627)

    Other Hotlines

    Child Abuse Unit

    This unit receives and investigates all reports of child maltreatment in Sakgeeng area and our designated jurisdiction area.

    In Winnipeg, Child Abuse Investigations are completed by All Nations Coordinated Response (ANCR).