Eagle Spirit – Zhawenjigewin: Love
The Eagle Spirit tells us that love comes with peace and is unconditional. When people are at their lowest is when they need love the most.

Alternative Care Unit

Alternative Care Workers

The Alternative Care Unit is compromised of:

  • 1 Alternative Care Supervisor
  • 6 Alternative Care Workers
  • 1 Alternative Care Administrative Assistant

Sagkeeng CFS Alternative Care Workers are responsible for:

  • Recruiting culturally appropriate homes
  • Places of Safety assessments as per provincial standard section 1.4.2
  • Licensing homes as per the Foster Homes Licensing Regulations of the Child and Family Services Act
  • Assisting in emergency, short term, long-term, and specialized placements
  • Providing support and advocacy for care providers when needed
  • Schedule regular visits to assigned homes
  • Keeping our care providers up to date of Foster Care Regulations and agency policies
  • Providing an Alternative Care orientation to Care Providers on a bi-annual basis
  • Care Provider recruitment

Becoming a Care Provider

The Alternative Care Unit is seeking culturally appropriate care providers who will provide a safe, nurturing and loving home for our children in care.

A care provider is:

  • Opening your heart and home to children in need of placement
  • Providing love and affection for children who may be experiencing difficult circumstances
  • Providing a safe and secure environment for children who need stability and a place to strive
  • Working with the agency on behalf of the child
  • An advocate for the child when needed
  • Providing an environment that will respect and nurture the child’s heritage and culture
  • Temporary or long term care dependent on the need of the child

Apply to Be a Care Provider

Intake Process
Interested applicants will complete an intake and application form with an Alternative Care Worker. All care providers are required to attend an agency orientation session.


  • Apply at a local RCMP Station or Winnipeg Police Services for Criminal Record
  • Criminal record check with vulnerable Sector search
  • Child Abuse Registry Check. There are 3 ways to apply, click here.
  • Prior contact check
  • Prior contact check to be completed with an alternative care worker

When the intake process has been initiated, further assessments will include a physical home inspection, home study, medical report, and 4 references.

Where to Apply
You can apply by contacting the Alternative Care Unit.

Alternative Care Unit

Alternative Care Unit portal coming soon.