Wolf Spirit – Tabasenimowin: Humility
The Wolf Spirit teaches us that to be humble we need to be compassionate; understand that we are all equal; acknowledge we are just one part of Creation.

Resource & Support Services Program

The RSS program assists in providing essential support services and transportation to clients and families within Sagkeeng CFS. RSS program has, on average, 80 Casual Support Workers and Agency Drivers, who are considered independent contractors to the Agency.

Resource & Support Services Team & Roles

Resource & Support Services Coordinator (RSSC):
Recruiter and manager for the Resource & Support Services program. Supervises the Resource & Support Services (RSS) Administrative Assistant, Casual Support Workers (CSW’s) and Agency Drivers. Ensures the day-to-day operations run efficiently and effectively.

Resource & Support Services (RSS) Administrative Assistant:
Ensures all transports and supervision of visits are coordinated appropriately and provides administrative support to the RSSC.

Casual Support Workers (CSW):
CSW’s sign CSW contracts to work either one-on-one with children in care (CIC) and/or in-home CSW contracts where they work in the home of Protection, Voluntary or Prevention Service clients. Examples of CSW support services include; mentorship, behavioural management, medical intervention, life skills and in-home support services for families. All activities completed with clients are based on what the guidelines state on the CSW contract produced by the client’s worker. CSW’s also create their own schedules with the caregivers/clients. CSW’s report directly to the RSSC and work closely with client’s workers, caregivers of children in care, and/or families.

Agency Drivers:
Agency Drivers complete Transport Requests (TR’s) where they ensure the safe transportation of agency clients. They also provide supervision of family visits, or emergency supervision in other situations, as directed. Agency Drivers are very flexible as well, as they only accept TR’s based on their schedules. Agency Drivers communicate directly with the RSSC and/or the RSS Administrative Assistant.

Intake Process

1. Submit a resume, with attached copies of a current criminal record check, child abuse registry check and driver’s abstract to Please be sure to indicate what role you are interested in.

2. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted and all documentation mentioned above will be requested if not submitted yet, to begin the hiring process. Also, all applicants will be required to submit proof of Covid vaccination and must have a Manitoba drivers license and reliable vehicle.

3. Successful applicants will be required to participate in an Orientation/Training Session with the RSSC & RSS Admin and be given their new Agency ID.

4. New CSW’s and Agency Drivers will be given available options for CSW contracts and/or transport requests, as some provide both services to our Agency.