Buffalo Spirit – Kichi’ ‛inendamowin: Respect
The Buffalo Spirit teaches us that all Creation should be treated with respect. When we learn to show respect we also then receive respect.

Prevention Services Unit

Prevention Services

At Sagkeeng Child and Family Services we support and empower our families and community. Services we provide include workshops in traditional skills that are powerful anchors to our culture. Some of those teachings have been recorded in videos.

In addition we help parents identify their strengths and build upon those skills. They can access resources they need to better care for their children such as:

  • in-home supports
  • parenting programs
  • adolescent supports
  • individual and family counselling
  • life skills training
  • family mediation
  • youth programs
  • healing and cultural teachings
  • elder services
  • family recreation
  • mentoring
  • advocacy
  • and family support.

The Prevention Program provides services for individual families that begins with a voluntary assessment.

The Prevention Program also develops programs, workshops, and activities that are open to all community members and work collaborative with other community organizations.

To see upcoming Prevention Services events and programs click here.

Understanding Our Emotions – Dec 4th

Ojibwe Language Classes

Family Ojibwe Language Classes

Snow Sculpture Contest

Christmas Craft and Wrap Youth Sagkeeng – Dec 13th

Christmas Craft and Wrap Youth Sagkeeng – Dec 14th

Family Festive Fun – Dec 27th

Family Festive Fun – Dec 28th

Program and Services

Prevention Services Unit offer the following for both the Sagkeeng and Winnipeg Offices:


  • Budgeting
  • Transportation – out of community shopping


  • Domestic Violence
  • Traditional Parenting
  • Healthy Choices
  • Mentoring Program
  • Grief and Loss
  • Anger Management/Anti-aggression
  • Youth
  • Life Skills
  • Advocacy

Community Engagement

The Prevention Services Unit strives to break down the barriers and strengthen relationships between Child & Family Services and members of the Sagkeeng Community.

The following Prevention Service Initiatives have been undertaken:

  • Winter outerwear donations for both schools in Community (jackets, mitts, toques)
  • Back to School BBQ
  • Back to school backpacks with supplies
  • Hygiene packs

Prevention Services Unit also contributes to the following:

  • Various community events
  • Merchandise bingo fundraisers, (i.e. high school graduation/Jr. High Christmas Bingo)
  • Youth/We Day
  • Off-reserve Member Christmas Feast
  • Annual Pow Wow Celebration
  • Christmas food hampers

The Prevention Services Program consists of:

  • 1 Supervisor
  • 1 Prevention Administrative Assistant
  • 2 Prevention Workers
  • 2 Prevention Service Facilitators

The prevention program is a short term family focused program that assists families in crisis by providing support services to prevent children from coming into agency care.

The program is voluntary and strength based, which provides a range of prevention and early intervention services that includes but not limited to:

  • Case planning that builds on identified strengths and needs
  • Strengthens healthy family dynamics,
  • Reduces risk factors in order to prevent family disruption


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