Service Delivery Unit

Courage – Bear

The Service Delivery Units are comprised of:

Community Office

• 1 Direct Service Supervisor
• 7 Direct Service Workers
• 1 Case Aide
• 1 Intake/Abuse Supervisor
• 1 Intake Worker
• 1 Intake Case Aide
• 1 Child Abuse Investigator
• 1 Abuse Unit Administrative Assistant

Winnipeg Office

• 3 Direct Service Supervisors
• 18 Direct Service Workers
• 2 Case Aides
• 1 Service Delivery

Administrative Assistant

• 1 CFSIS Clerk

Remember that your children are not your own but are lent to you by the creator.” Mohawk Proverb

Sagkeeng Child and Family Services strives to empower and preserve the family unit using a collaborative approach between the biological parents and the agency.

Service Delivery staff in each office location also carry both Provincial and Federal cases where members are residing both on and off reserve.

Service Delivery entails working directly with families, children, youth, kinship connections and collateral supports.

Throughout the year the Direct Service Workers are involved in professional development, community engagements, agency activities including but not limited to:

• Child in Care Christmas Party
• Back to School BBQ
• Treaty Day Events
• Community Family Activity Weekend
• Graduations
• Professional Development Training
• Culturally Awareness Training
• Leadership Training
• Structured Decision Making Training (SDM)

Each and every open family service file requires a written case plan.

Every child in care file, regardless of the child’s legal status, requires a Child in Care Plan.

Further, specialized plans may be required in some circumstances. i.e.:

• Preparing Youth for Leaving Care,
• Agreements with Young Adults,
• Absent and Missing Children,
• Voluntary Family Services

All assesments (family services, child in care) are driven by the Structured Decision Making (SDM) tool which is an assessment on each family member and any other adults in the household. This entails a family narrative, a probability of future harm, caregiver and child strengths and needs, case plan and a safety assessment.

Emergency Contact Numbers 

Kids Help Line: 1-800-668-6868

Klinic Crisis Line: 1-888-322-3019

Manitoba Suicide Prevention: 1-877-435-7170

24 hour Crisis Line: 1-866-427-8628 (Interlake)

Mobile Crisis Youth: 204-949-4777 (Wpg)

Mobile Crisis Adult: 204-940-1781 (Wpg)

Mobile Crisis Adult and Youth 1-877-499-8770 (Interlake)

Crisis Stabilization Unit: 1-888-482-5361 (Interlake)

WRHA Comm. Mental Health Services 204-788-8330

Mental Health Outreach Clinic: 817 Bannatyne Ave., Wpg, MB (walk-in)

Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-877-977-0007

Emergency Food Bank Agape Table: 204-783-6369 (Wpg)

Sagkeeng Food Bank (walk-in)

Addictions Foundation of Manitoba 1-866-638-2561

Alcoholics Anonymous: 204-942-0126

Alateen: 204-943-6051

Jordan’s Principle: 1-855-572-4453

Futures Forward (Youth in/former Care) Support 1-888-395-2135

Pine Falls RCMP: 204-367-2222

Pine Falls Ambulance: 204-367-23333 or 911

Police/Emergency: 911

Bear Spirit – Soongatiziwin: Courage

It takes courage to face problems with integrity and a fearless heart.
The Bear Spirit teaches us that we must be brave to do the right thing.