Annual General Meeting Report 2020-2021

Annual General Meeting Report 2020-2021

Even though we are apart, we are still together. The Sagkeeng Child and Family Services Board of Directors are motivated by a common vision for every child to be safe, nurtured, enjoy culture, and grow up healthy. This is our connection to the community we serve with care.

We have been meeting the times and have managed to maintain our monthly board meetings via teleconference and Microsoft Teams. We oversee agency objectives, review reports, and support the Executive Director. Recently, the board completed goals for the upcoming year which includes working towards achieving higher standards, board training and community relations. Please feel assured that the Board of Directors responsibility is being met and can rely on the motivation of this group. We are collectively striving to conclude decisions with integrity and with Sagkeeng families in mind.

We have welcomed one new board member, Mr. Jonathan F. Guimond and exclaim kitchi meegwetch to Mr. Ron. J. Fontaine for his 6 years of dedicated service. He has left a pleasant closure of a positive working relationship. We also extend a very similar meegwetch to our friend and colleague, Mr. Ron. A. Fontaine who concludes his role as a board director once a successful candidate is selected. We are equally grateful for his 6 years of dedicated service and his presence will be missed.

In closing, it is my privilege to share my personal message about my time as the board chairperson and my relationships with the children in my own life. Within the Sagkeeng CFS Core Values, there is a very special message, “children are sacred gifts”. In the silent times of this pandemic I have prayed, reflected, and examined my character and behaviors. Most times I was a good mother, other times not as good as I could have been, yet now as a kokum I am where I should have always been; for I have learned how fast a childhood passes by.

True, my children are my gifts and as a kokum I have found the sweetest part of myself, and I like who I am as a kokum. Love pours out of me for my grandchildren. I shadow, I show things, I teach, and share my energy. I give up time on purpose. I know without a doubt that the visits I share with my children and grandchildren is my chance to give them the best part of me.

Therefore, Sagkeeng CFS, I affirm your message that ‘children are sacred gifts’. Sometimes it can take a lifetime to learn the magnitude of this simple message. I give thanks to the workers who go above and beyond to support families to understand this message through the programs and efforts taken to highlight the gift of our children!

Brenda Morrisseau,
Board Chairperson