Annual Report 2019-2020

Annual Report 2019-2020



We are both honored and humbled to be trustees for Sagkeeng Child and Family Services. We are proud of the work we are doing as a Board of Directors and especially proud of the work all the employees have accomplished as it reflects well on the agency. You are all doing a fantastic job and we thank you! 

We are a group of five (5) Sagkeeng band members, coming from diverse professional backgrounds and our intention is to support the community in a positive way. Our collective goal is to be fair, bold, and brave as the Sacred Teachings empower us to attain. Confront in the moment, situations that are sometimes challenging. We are open to learning what we do not know, to serve in these roles. Work to memorize the agency’s mission statement, so it will motivate the things we do as a Board of Directors. We desire to be involved in the changing reputation of Sagkeeng Child and Family Services, closing the gap between fear and trust. Lastly, we want to establish committees designed to build self-awareness and enhance internal communication. 

In closing, we take this time to let you know, we have been thinking about you and your families during these uncertain times of COVID-19, and wish you good health and safety from the virus. We want to commend you for your patience, and know it is an extremely lonely time when we cannot hug and spend time with the ones we love. We encourage you to be innovative with socializing with your loved ones, write cards, and send notes to the ones you carry in your heart. Be gentle with your own spirit, take walks, do crafts, write poems; whatever it takes to care for yourself. We hope by this time next year things will be better, and the virus will be under control. 

Brenda Morrisseau, Board Chairperson